Thursday, October 05, 2006

Some Rants, Some Raves.

Too much editing to do, and a little camera shy to boot.

To keep the pessimistic ego of mine stroked, we'll start with that.

It sucks to have to deal with a certain client who doesn't seem to understand that editing is not like - I don't know, I don't have a proper metaphor to which to compare it to. But anyway, I've been giving this client previews. Jpg previews, as well as actual footage to view, and she's blown it off. Too busy, looks good now, whatever. And then when I think I'm done with her, she's pulled it out and pointed out mistakes, or things to her disliking. It is a giant pain in the ass because I'm already backed up as it is, and changing something on a final DVD ain't easy. Reedit, rerender, reexport, reauthor, reencode, and reburn. And since I'm using Pro Apps on a Mac Mini, it does take a huge chunk of time. Hopefully tomorrow will be the last time I ever see her.

Wife got a ticket on the way to work. Evidently, our tabs expired in Feb. and nobody noticed. Who remembers their tab? We didn't update our address with the DMV, so they probably sent our tabs to our old address. Usually that's our reminder. The damage? About 200 bucks. Hell yeah, we're going to court to appeal that.

The whole JL got elevate into crazy ass ex involvement on Monday, when JL's father wanted to bend some rules and wanted us to break our punishment on his behalf. Then he got into crazy-boy mode and threatened to even call the cops. The following is an imagined re-enactment of his phone call with the police.

D. 911. What is your emergency?

B. Hello, I need to call 911.

D. This is 911. Can I help you?

B. Are you Christian?

D. Sir, do you have an emergency?

B. Are you watching me right now?

D. Sir, do you have an emergency you'd like to report?

B. I do. My ex-wife is holding my daughter against her will.

D. Is she in immediate danger, sir?

B. No, but my ex-wife used this term I'm not familiar with. I think it's Parent-speak. It's evil. I don't understand the word. I think they're trying to plant her or something. Horticulture.

D. Sir? What term did your ex-wife use?

B. She said my daughter was... grounded.

D. Sir? This line is reserved for emergencies only. Is there anything else I can help you with?

B. My wife is preventing me from seeing my own daughter. That qualifies, right? Am I making you happy now, Daddy? Sob.

D. Sir, this is 911.

B. I know. Don't judge me. Only God can. And he's in Cabo.

D. Sir, are you not granted visitation rights?

B. Well, I can drive down and see her, but just not drive her back here in Bellingham. I have another freakishly tall troll I think she'd like. He writes poetry and dances to video games, and... oh wait. It's the same troll. Excuse me.

D. So you can see her.

B. Well, not from here. I'm in Bellingham. It's like 90 miles. I can't even walk that far.

D. I mean, you can visit her, right?

B. Well, yeah. What's your point?

D. When was the last time you saw her?

B. Two weeks ago. But I know she won't be allowed to come here for another month. That's violating a court order.

D. Sir, we can't act on something that hasn't happened yet. Besides, you can still visit her. Who has primary custody?

B. My ex.

D. Sorry to say sir, but this is something you need to call during office hours, and they'll probably tell you to call your lawyer. This is a custody issue, and not an emergency call.

B. I don't have a lawyer.

D. Sorry?

B. Ted Bundy, Zacarias Moussaoui, Slobodan MiloƂ?evi?, John Allen Muhammed were their own attorneys. I don't need a lawyer.

D. At any rate, I have to hang up now unless you have an emergency.

B. I sometimes swallow my own ejaculate. But that's a dirty word. I like the term, "Holy Juice."

D. Take care of yourself, sir.

B. It was very nice talking to you.

D. You too, sir.

B. Hmphlx.

(Dial tone.)

Onto the good stuff.

I tuned in Monday to watch "Heroes", which wasn't bad, but I stayed on to watch "Studio 60 on Sunset Strip" and just liked it a lot. I downloaded the Pilot and episode 2 and watched the pilot and I'm now officially a fan. Great writing, great actors. I hope it gets picked up beyond the ordered 13 episodes, but we'll see. Aaron Sorkin seems to make these quality dramas, and even though I wasn't into it when it was on the air, I liked "Sports Night" too. And I don't care for sports. So, go watch it for free on the painfully slow, and then once you've fallen for it, buy it on iTunes. Great great writing.

My iBook finally came home, freeing me up to do some actual work like blogging, downloading Studio 60 from iTunes, surfing, and the other thing that I'm supposed to be doing. Editing? Who knows.

Oh yeah, Zoe's been a pain lately. She ain't listening. And she's all cute about it too, no remorse, all cheekiness, and stubborn to boot. That little girl's got charm, but man she can be bull headed as hell. I wonder where she got that from?

Alex, on the other hand, has decreased in his manic laughing, thus relieving me of thinking that there's some kind of faint nitrous oxide leak going undetected in this house. It seems like the kids have some primitive toddler form of Scissors, Rock and Paper game and they decide who some be terrorizing the Parents for the next period.

A. Alright, I'm done laughing at everything and nothing. And not listening. Your turn.

Z. I'll call your not listening, and raise it with blantant stubbornness, and I'll even mug and act cute - and they will forgive me.

A. You won't.

Z. Watch me.

Thus the adventures continue. I really should get back to work here.

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