Thursday, September 21, 2006

A non Vlog post. One thing I like about YouTube is the availability of old music videos that I wasn’t able to watch when I was a kid (no MTV in Singapore.) Of course, watching them does knock it down a couple notches in the coolness factor. A few of my favs for you to enjoy.

Young M.C. “Bust a Move”

Steve Miller, “The Joker”

Fluff N’ Such, doing Barenaked Ladies’ “If I had a Million Dollars”

Jurassic 5 Featuring Dave Matthews Band (Two of my Favs!), “Work it Out”

Ibrahim Ferrer y Omara Portuondo - Silencio

The last one is not technically a music video – it’s taken from “Buena Vista Social Club”, and I don’t even have the single on the CD, but it is an awesome moment from the DVD. Wim Wenders rocks.

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