Sunday, October 01, 2006

Reflecting on turning 30, 50mm lens.

once again, good stuff...!! i enjoy the new more pro and exciting opening, the first one looked too solid and photoshoppy, this one is dynamic...

some constructive critisismssmm, take it how you will....

uhm.. the gonzo/porno music is a little bland, you might wanna look for some public domain music to rock your podcasts, i can point in the direction of some awesome stuff if you want, i think that might add some spice.

and recently i saw this video on youtube that was the same format as yours, BUT they used quick cuts to remove every thinking moment, and that hyper cut from thought to thought left me glued to the screen, it was really exciting that way; try out more rapid cuts? (of course sometimes holding off a cut while you make a silly thinking face would work too for funnyness)

but anyway, just trying to give some ideas... no worries anyway you do it, i still feel like im talking to you when you post. even if its like a one way conversation where you rant for 7 minutes and i just sit back and giggle. heheh :)
thanks for the videostuffers!
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