Saturday, January 06, 2007

Not Procrastinating. Not Entirely.

Well, I was going to start rough cutting a whole bunch of footage tonight when I realized that I actually skipped ahead about three weddings. I was wondering why the footage seemed still so familiar. So I was exporting the wedding feature to edit on DVD Studio Pro when I realized that I should probably back up my blog. It has been 3 years, after all. So I went about the Blogger way to do it, and it simply hung up on some error. So I had to do it the good old way, doing it week by week and cutting and pasting. It took a long ass time, and unformatted with odd spaces, it's all in one file. And god, I kid you not, though it is not formatted, it's near a thousand freakin' pages. I have about 780 plus posts, though not all of them text, or quality for that matter, them a lot of words.

Which also got me thinking that maybe it's about time for me to drop the American Baby/Family blog and leave it on the web to mature or something. The posts are getting more personal, less updated, and it's just mostly me being an ass, all negative, and somewhat ruining the spirit of the earlier posts. Such optimism! Such excitement! Such frequency!

Plus, I can't even upload using the new blogger, so it's a little frustrating because the blog is so freakin' huge. But some ideas are running through the head there. Thinking about reformatting (but not editing) the old blog, putting some footnotes or whatever on it, and then just getting it bond on a book. I don't expect anyone to buy it, but at least it'll be around in hard copy for the kids to use it to incriminate me later.

I dunno, I am seriously considering hanging up this blog though. Will keep you updated.

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