Friday, January 31, 2003

So, to address certain questions about the title of this blog, "American Baby" doesn't so much address the fact that I'm simply amazed to death that my baby is going to be American. Surely, it is worth mentioning that I was born in Singapore and so forth, but America never really held any kind of allure of richness and democracy that one might expect a foreigner to have of this country. Aside from the geographic connotation and the fact that my baby will have all the rights of an American, the main reason I'm naming the blog, "American Baby" is because it seems like such a piece of Americana. This story could exist somewhere else in the world, but it will thrive in America. Not a lot of places in the world whereby you could have a couple like me and my girlfriend, who are having a baby, going through marriage, and having this mix of culture, religion or lack thereof, and having a baby who will be a few months younger than my girlfriend's older daughter's daughter. I don't even know what that's called. Em, yeah. Our child's niece/nephew will be older than our child.

Ow... my brain.

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