Saturday, June 12, 2004

About a Boy

Loved the movie, by the way.

My son is growing so quickly that sometimes I forget to step back and think about what he's now capable of. I think he's growing so fast that sometimes, I feel like I've already missed a lot, and trust me, I try to be there a lot. Now he's taken a rather cute form of begging, much like cats and dogs do, whereby he'll see you eating some food, and then he'd crawl over (which he is now doing with hands and knees!), use your leg for support, stand up, and wait for food. It's really cute when he does that because he's got my taste buds. Everything and anything.

Except yesterday, when I gave him a piece of peppered chicken, and he proceeded to turn red. That was a little funny and irresponsible.

We're learning about his free-willness (is that a word?) and his exploratory nature. He's also quite independent, usually keeps himself pretty busy and starts to get a little fussy when you try to hold him and make him cuddle with you. Nope, he's off and running - there's a world out there to discover, and he's eager to do exactly that.

He's also venturing into more vocals, all of which are quite adorable. His voice is already distinctively male, or maybe it's just my impression of it. When he's excited, he'll either drool or wave his arms about like a madbaby, and emit a high-pitched squeal, or if you're fortunate, a scream.

I do miss my weekends with him, I'm glad I'm back to watching him on the weekends again while my wife's at work. I hate to admit it, but when my wife's home, I tend to focus on my own things, knowing that Alex is taken care of. I think that's a common practice of most fathers, something about lacking that nurturing gene in our pool, I guess. And yes, I do think many times about things I could be doing, life that I could be living. But I think that's normal and human, so I don't worry too much about it.

We've developed all these different tricks and techniques with him, and we'll have to find out what works for Zoe. That'll take some readjustment, for sure. For instance, if you wanna change him, do as much changing as you can with him standing up - that gives him the impression that he's got the freedom to move around. Lay him down, and get an earful of disagreement. If you do have to lay him down inevitably to change a diaper, stick a bottle in his hands and he'll not mind. Toys somethings work, but often times doesn't. It would have to be a fascinating toy that he can eat. Do not attempt to change his diaper with him standing up. You will need a lot of courage and equal amounts of stupidity to try that.

Even my wife and I play with him differently. She's into more vocal interaction, I'm the guy who shakes his ass for my son so that he'll laugh and bat at my butt. I'm the guy who would make animal growls and pummel him with my noggin so that he could use my head as a drum. I'm the rough and tumble parent, and my wife's the soft shoulder to fall asleep on, and the one to get close to.

I like to kiss him. His skin is soft and warm, and sometimes he'll turn and slobber on me, but I like to kiss him. There was a time I told my wife that I probably wouldn't be kissing him a lot because it wasn't part of my childhood, but I guess I must've been an ugly baby or something, because I love to kiss my baby...

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