Saturday, July 10, 2004

I can hear that the little boy's woken up from his second nap, but I'm gonna squeeze out this entry before he explodes. Not much going on really, other than the fact that this is the first day I've had off whereby I haven't actually done anything.

And that feels so good.

So often we're entertaining, or we're out of town - it's nice to just be home, play video games, and for no good reason, run to the park so that Alex could grab the playground materials and have a ball. He's still not too sure about the baby swings, but then again he might be still upset about the haircut I gave him.

The thing about baby hair - it's not like normal hair. It's amazingly soft and flimsy, the kind of nice smelling hair you find yourself burying your nose in because it's so pleasant. Plus his hair's growing a bit unevenly, so it's long in some areas and longer in others. Since I don't really use a guide with a moving baby, I tend to guess what the best buzz would be. Right now, the right back of his head looks a bit silly, like someone's Dad didn't know any better and cut it. And so it goes.

Yep, not doing much of anything today. Doing a huge heap of laundry, but I don't suppose that's really interesting to blog about.

Really, really wanting to grab my hands on a Canon A80. Man alive. I feel a little different about digital photography than videography - videography is always stuff to edit, expensive tapes and endless tweaking. But digital pictures are all instantaneous. Everything you needed to do would be before the moment you snap that picture. Everything after that is just pure enjoyment at the beautiful shot you achieved.

Well, someone decided to make a racket and wake the baby up. So, the loungefest continues!

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