Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Just a quick update. The day of the false alarm, we went into the childbirth center at midnight, and got all hooked up to the machines. Well, she was only 3 cm dilated, so they made her walk around in order to induce labor. We hung out at the hospital till 3 in the morning before they sent us home, because there weren't any changes.

That of course, is a precursor to last night. Because of the night before, both of us didn't get that much sleep, about 5 to 6 hours at best before I had to go to work and she had to get up for Alex. So yesterday night, we were hanging out with Brendon and Maralise, walking about Boulevard Park, and were just about to settle down for a movie, "13 going on 30". My wife suddenly said that "We're going to have to eat crow" which means something foreign to me, and said that her contractions were really starting to hurt. I got the hint it was starting to get serious when she walked out the door before I could finish a joke.

We were admitted, and the epideral guy was sent packing again because she was already on her way. I'll finish this next part of the story later. Basically, Zoe is fine, my wife is beautiful and fine. We're still at the hospital because she's going to have her tubes tied, so I'm going to be spending the night there again. Thanks to Brendon and Maralise for watching Alex through this, and thanks to everyone for their well wishes. I'll be heading back to the hospital!

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