Saturday, August 14, 2004

Still Waiting on the Baby Girl

Yesterday night, two new words entered into my vocabulary lexicon - mucous plug. Anyway, look that up yourselves, but it is a strong indicator of impending labor. Of course, we've been saying that for a while, but I guess a baby just does whatever she wants. My wife was seriously freaking all yesterday because Syrinx had mentioned in the comments about a dream she had, of my wife giving birth to a baby girl. So she was pretty conceived that dream was going to come true, that Zoe was going to be a Friday the 13th baby. But no, no baby. Relatives have been calling intermittedly to find out if we've had the baby, as if we would forget to call them, but no. No baby yet.

I was having fun with Alex the day before yesterday, his toddler/little boy instincts are definitely becoming more apparent. He held up his arms when he saw me, and then he laughed whenever I made faces and noises with him. He's been laughing more, smiling more, and walking more as well. He would take five steps at a time, and stand for a while, and it just reminds me of how fast he's really growing. It's amazing even while you're watching him most of the day.

We had a company picnic yesterday that was relatively uneventful - there was a kid who was squating over a steady stream of water rather gingerly, which was innocent but since a little wrong to watch. He was wearing spider man briefs and just standing over the stream with a big smile on his face. If that was my kid, I'd escort him out of the park and tell him about things not to do with streams of water. But Alex had fun exploring in the park, just being the biggest boy. He was soaked, but he was too curious to care about the water. It took me a long time to figure out the best way to capture that on camera, but here's a couple that turned out well.

One of the few shots I'm happy about, I like his expression.

Yes, this picture does appear a bit torturous.

Water baby!

Right now my little boy's taking a nap, and my wife, who was awakened by searing back pain at six in the morning, is taking a nap as well. I'm all alone downstairs, playing Vice City. The calm before the baby storm! Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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