Sunday, August 08, 2004

Freakin' Awsome!

So this is what I've had formulating in my brain for the past few days - shattering eggs with my bb rifle and getting it on film. I got 2 dozen eggs from Costco for $1.99, and then spent about an hour and a half cleaning up the garage to make room for the project. Then I spent about another hour setting up a platform for the egg, a board to stop the bb from going through the garage door, a sniper's nest from which to shoot the BB, and a lot of time configuring my camera to get the right lighting. I have a handful of successful shots, after programming my brain to listen for the self timer. The pictures did turn up a little dark, but now I'm figuring out how to photoshop up the contrast and brightness, as well as removing some of the noise from the photos. I think this project has fulfilled my "what am I doing with my god-given talent for absurd stunts" bug for a while. I'm feeling really good about the photos, knowing that my conceptualization for the project was fully realized. The photos pretty much came out exactly the way I imagined it, with the exception of the focus, which I had hoped would be a little better. But hey, it ain't bad either. If you're digging the photos and want more, I'll be posting them in the next five days at Fifth Eye.

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