Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Not much is going on, really. Most noted is the absence of everyone else and their blogs. People are just busy I suppose, but Dansen's blog isn't even there. I suppose it got taken down for censorship or something. Goes to show that not everyone appreciates pictures of Dansen with farm animals.

Anyway, the past few days have been a little bummy. There was a misunderstanding with me and the wife, then there was some pain in her back associated with the pregnancy, and now we're facing financial woes. My wife's been out of work for a couple weeks now, and her disability pay is supposed to substitute for her normal pay, that is, if she works at a McDonalds as a janitorial temp staff. It's crap. I didn't have enough foresight to put aside money, what with all that loot from my eBay selling and the crack cocaine that I deal to elementary school kids who don't know the difference between the real deal and powdered sugar.

Well, at any rate, we'll be coming up really short on rent, and since my wife doesn't really want me to sell myself on the streets, being how the only people who would want to pay for me would be 300 pound men or people with exotic pets who have sexual needs. So we might be overdrafting the bank account or doing something rash, like robbing old ladies or trimming someone's hedges. Or something.

Kinda on an irrelevant bend because I'm so freakin' bored. Yesterday I took about 100 photos of ducks, and most of them were absolute crap because the it was approaching dusk - and the ducks were kinda on the dark side, so they either turned up blurry, or just surprised. I took a few photos of the clouds today, which I actually miss in the midst of all this summery clear blue skies. Clouds possess personality, clear skies can be a little too predictable. I also took a few of Alex pushing a shopping cart about, which is actually quite cute. He looks pretty serious doing it.

My wife is in complete pain constantly, from her thing being separated from the other thing. I would specify what the problem was, but being the guy husband that I am, I kinda forgot. But basically her back is messed up because she didn't get time to heal after Alex's birth, so it's kinda messed up now. They're talking about a year of physical therapy even. Hopefully, once she's done with the pregnancy, they can administer her more powerful drugs to deal with the pain. She's feeling lonely in her pain because nobody seems to grasp how much pain she's really in, even me. I do care a lot about her though, and I probably should be more compassionate when she's telling me about the pain.

Zoe is 20 days away, and I think my mind's still not really realizing that. Part of me is really excited to meet her, a sweet little pea named Zoe, and part of me is still thinking that I would just scream and exclaim, "Ahhh! Where's his penis?" Having a girl is still somehow foreign to me. It's so ingrained in me that all things girly is odd, and alien. Like my wife. She's alien to me sometimes. But I love her a lot and she can probe me anytime.

But seriously, Zoe's coming soon!

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