Friday, July 23, 2004

A Baby Shower for Her, a Cool New Camera for Him.

Yesterday was a good day, when my wife's co-workers decided to surprise her with a baby shower! Whilst she was being molested by the butt at her first physical therapist appointment (she commented that the muscles were really tight. Tight-Ass jokes ensue.), her friends came to the house and decorated it with streamers and balloons and a baby banner. It was all really nice and there were even little cupcakes with pink safety pins in them (plastic, of course.)

There was good food, and happy cheer, even though it was like 90 freakin' degrees outside. Alex seemingly enjoyed the company, crawling around in his diapers and flirting with all the ladies. We got tons of baby clothes, all very pink and ruffley. It is definitely something to get used to, all that pink. My brain has been programmed to think of pink as the anti-Christ, associated with either Barbies or Bubblegum Valley girls, so I have to get over that and accept it as a Zoe color, even if she would look like a little Barbie doll.

As for me, as you might have already noticed, I received my new Minolta Z1 in the mail yesterday! My wife called me at work to tell me and thenafter, it was almost impossible to concentrate at work. Just completely distracted at the thought of caressing my new camera, and making sweet nookie with it. I played with it for a little while - a little limited by the 16MB memory card that it came with (that's like 9 pictures at full size.), but still had a ball. It did some video too, but the Quicktime file is 8.1 MB, much too much to stream online. I'm re-encoding it now, hopefully it should be ready to go.

So, having a nice day off, planning to take some more pictures and whatnot. Hopefully it'll stay cooler today because yesterday was just. Too. Hot. I'm from a tropical climate and my body is so accustomed to this easy-breezy weather that summers are becoming unbearable for me. Alex will undoubtedly benefit from my tanning abilities and my wife's cold resistance. Although my wife is pretty dark herself. Hmmm. Now leaving you with that kind of, "Oh." feeling. "Thanks for sharing that completely useless trivia."

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