Sunday, July 11, 2004

Don't really have anything terribly new or interesting to say, just had a good weekend with my son, playing video games, and generally doing nothing. Watched Eddie Izzard's "Dressed to Kill" comedy concert again, and I really enjoy the verbal antics and great stand-up. I remember when I first watched it, completely accidentally, at a hotel room in Seattle. My grandfather, who has since passed on, had come up to the States to visit and my mom got a few days stay at the now defunct Four Seasons in Seattle (now Fairmont), and I shared the room with my Grandpa. He fell asleep and I got bored pointing my laser pointer at the opposite building (remember when everyone had one of those?) and watched a bit of TV. HBO was on, and at first I was watching it because there was Eddie, in some makeup and a chiongsam, which is what Asian women wear only in movies and massage parlors anymore. But I remember just laughing at his comedy, and really enjoying his facial nuances and playfulness.

Of course, it took years before they decided to release it on DVD. But now I own it, just have to get around to watching some of his other concerts. If you ever get the chance to watch one, do so. It's insightful, cutting, hilarious stuff. He's a smart comedian who occasionally reverts to little boy antics and he's just a fun guy to watch.

Rambling about my daily life has given me time to think about what I really should be writing on the blog.

My wife is huge. Her tummy is so big that her maternity shorts no longer fit her. Zoe's a big girl and she looks like she's just hanging out, ready to make a break for it. Whatever shirt my wife wears, her tummy peaks out a little, as if the little girl inside is itching to say hi there, I'm Zoe. What'cha doing?

If anyone wants to give me a hard time about saying that my wife is big, raise your thumb, and stick yourself in the eye with it. I'm not trying to be insensitive, her tummy is just big with the baby. I'm aware that she's very pregnant.

So, the thoughts of having two babies is still freaky, I think any free time that we now have will soon be nostalgia. I expect long hours in front of the TV because that's about the only thing that I can do. I'm starting to understand the complacency and general zombie-like state that some parents exhibit around their kids - the young-uns just zap so much out of you. I hope that we don't become like those parents, who work just to put food on the table, and then come home and parent until bedtime. But in a lot of ways, parenthood has changed the time perspective for us. Alex's first birthday is coming up soon, and it has been the fastest year of my life. Everything has just been a flash.

Well, it's back to work tomorrow. At least Mondays for me are kinda easy. Hell, my job is really kinda easy, I should stop whining about it so much. But I better edit a little bit before bed. Laters.

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