Thursday, July 22, 2004

Nothing new really. Just wanted everyone to know about my wonderful new banner at Fifth Eye, and that my eBay items keep going up (up to 77 bucks, excluding the 30.00 I made from a bidder to remove the bid early.), and my camera is now tracked all the way to Oregon! It's practically within my grasp!

My step-granddaughter, if you wanted to call her that, and my step-grandson was visiting today with my other step-daughter, the one that's a few years younger than me. This is kinda a little confusing, but interesting conversation fodder when the well of weather trivia runs dry. But man, having three kids in the house, with two babies and one 3 year old - whew! That's a lot of energy. There was more power conflicts and authority challenging in those few hours than I've seen all week. Crazy kids.

Kinda makes me glad that Zoe and Alex will be closer in age - one couldn't really throw their age around too much, and yes, I know twins do that anyway, but I think the fact that they're closer in age might mean that they would be excellent playmates. That's what we hope anyway.

I'm in need of posting some pictures. I could post the pictures my step-granddaughter took (why someone would hand a digital camera to a 3-year-old? I'm sorry, I would answer that if I wasn't wiping potato chip grease off my camera lenses.) of fingers and mad close-ups, but hey, while I look for some photo opportunities, why don't you check out the photo blog! Shameless plug!

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