Sunday, July 18, 2004

A trip to the Childbirth Center

It used to be a nice thing when summer came and the sun came out to play, but this summer has been extra hard because of my wife's pregancy and my fatness. So anyway, while my wife was sitting around watching the ball game with my unclothed semi-naked baby, I was cleaning out the garage and realizing all the stupid crap that I had saved is still stupid and useless. When I came back in, my wife told me that I was on "Baby Alert", which I assumed was just an indicator that it was my turn to watch Alex again. Then she told me that she has been having contractions for the past four hours, and she wanted to go to the childbirth center after the inning was over. I wasn't too overly excited about that because, obviously, if the inning could wait, it wasn't going to be a big deal.

So we went, and she got hooked up to the monitor and we spent about a freakin' month there, and basically my wife may be dehydrated and overheated. She is however, 2cm dilated. And she had a second opinion too. I can't imagine putting up with anyone having a second opinion around my privates - the first would've been more than enough. So, no baby yet, but it sorta freaked me out because I realized how close she really was.

Oh, and also Alex peed on me today. My superman T-shirt was not imprevious to pee. Stupid Freddy's diapers.

Okay, gotta run some movies back now.

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