Tuesday, July 13, 2004

As further prove that I've aged tremendously and not noticed, here are 5 things that Everyone should know about me - so that they can aid me in these areas.

5. A few days ago, some kid asked me where Yu-Gi-Oh games were. I asked him to repeat himself. Then I paused. Pretended to have a thoughtful expression on my face. Then he found it himself and I was relieved. "Oh, that. I knew that."

4. Today before work, I played 15 minutes of SSX, a snowboarding game. When I was driving to work, I was the recipient of one killer headache, the kind that's associated with motion sickness. Where the hell's my 2-D side-scrolling Mario?

3. Vitamins just started making sense.

2. If I don't have more than 8 hours of sleep, I get cranky.

1. I'm really starting not to care about my appearance. I figured I should just let it all go because nobody's looking at me anyway, they're looking at my baby.

So, Alex has just started to learn how to clap a little, and he's awfully pleased with himself when he hears the smackity smack of it. I've also gotten more aware that if I don't spend more active play time with him, he'll learn to be a little too independent and not play with me anymore. I guess it's a good thing that I realize this, because I don't want him to not need me. I know that he does, but I want him to get happy when he sees me, start bouncing his head about and making happy sounds.

Yes, if I haven't mentioned it, I think that his head bouncing thing has to be the cutest thing in the world. What it is essentially is he's trying to sway from side to side, but his head does most of the leading, and his body doesn't always follow. So you have this boy, twitching his head from side to side rather earnestly, and trying to bounce. It's the cutest thing to watch, especially when he's doing it while crawling. Sorta resembles a drunk dog or something.

So my wife is enduring horrible nighttime cramps and excessive sweating from the damn summer heat, as well as my incessant pranks that make her cry. I wasn't trying to be mean, but I guess I just forget to be sensitive sometimes. But ah, she forgives me, and all is well again.

Hmm. Now I'm out of writing juice again.

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