Saturday, July 24, 2004

Sweltering Heat Rays of DEATH.

As I sit here, fidgeting about crazily to avoid from being permanently seared to my chair, cooling down in front of a fan just a few feet away, I have to say that this is actually a pretty relaxed weekend. A lot has happened, otherwise I wouldn't be on the blog, would I?

So anyway, the eBay thing is going well. Only two items haven't sold, but my phone did sell for a healthy 51 dollars and my Super Nintendo, which I wasn't sure about because it hung out at 5.99 forever, finally sold for 33 bucks to someone in Puerto Rico. So, that's cool. I stand to make about $180 bucks from the whole excursion, which is pretty good as long as I don't think about how much I spend initially to purchase those items. To put it into perspective, a CD burner I bought for my iMac was $280. As of now it's going for 22 bucks. A Powerbook I got on Ebay (my only purchase thus far) was 123 bucks or something, it just sold for 8 freakin' dollars. Oh well. At least I used it as a prop in my play. That was useful.

My photoblog is improving, but I'm still a little unsure about the design. A little too simplistic, I think a few more lines around and about wouldn't hurt. My camera's working out great, just tons of fun playing with it. I'm trying to take it places with me so that I could take more shots, but I just end up looking strange whipping it out at the supermarket at the checkstands, so I could take a picture like this.

My wife has been getting mondo contractions because of the heat, and basically if she's on her feet too long. We were tooling about at Walmart yesterday and it actually stopped her. She's got an instinct that this baby isn't going to wait, so we're trying our best to keep my wife cool, and relaxed. An early baby isn't necessarily bad, but it would be better for her healthwise to hang out in the womb for just a little longer.

That's about it. Total take from eBay to be updated in a bit.

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