Sunday, July 25, 2004

Easy Breezy Beautiful Cover Girl

I was actually going to just say it was a Easy Breezy Day, but the evils of advertising jingles have drilled into my brain, even though I'm not in the comestics industry demographic. Damned commericals.

So, the take for the Ebay auction is $192, which is pretty nice considering how my wife's birthday will be on Thursday. Some wiggle room financially is always welcome. I'm sorta glad that is over with, watching the auctions got to be a little stressful for me after a while.

Meanwhile, my complaint with Flickr is that they really limit you on the bandwidth, thus crippling my photoblog. So I'm going to have to use Hello, which is associated with Blogger is free, from what I can tell. Problem is, since they don't have a Mac support, I'm going to have to use a PC to upload the pictures. I'm sorry, but my loyalty to my Mac is strong. The PC has already freaked out on me today when I tried to download a driver for my camera.

As I mentioned, the weather is nicer out today; the fans are taking a break after both of them worked overtime the last couple days. Alex is also acting a bit happier - since the heat has made him perpetually cranky and uncomfortable. It's weird because whenever a baby feels wet, you're not quite certain if its sweat or pee. Being a parent, you end up smelling your hands a lot to confirm or repulse whether that stain on your hand is chocolate brownie, or baby brownie.

It was a ton of fun this morning watching Alex play with the ball. He caught this contagious giggle/laugh that would just make the most jaded grouch crack a smile. It's just so happy and pure, it's the stuff that makes you glad that you're a parent.

On the other baby news, my wife is getting more contractions during the night, and getting more nervous about Zoe's arrival. I'm a little nervous, but still kinda relaxed about the whole thing. I dunno, I don't think I'll be that affected until after she's born. With Alex, I was excited about having him, but once he was born, and there he was, wiggling and writhing in birth goo and doing his sad little gaspy crying, I felt a unbreakable unconditional love for him then. He was tangible and real, not just an ultrasound picture or a body movement. I dunno, that's what being shallow means, I suppose. If it ain't there, It don't exist. Of course I know that's not true, but a lot of things for me are out of sight, out of mind. It's bad.

I'm really enjoying my weekend - just hanging out, doing nothing. It's really really nice.

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