Friday, August 20, 2004

Viva La Update

My wife has improved 101 percent since yesterday - most of the pain is gone, and she can feel her legs! Apparently they gave her a lot of anesthetic, but the pain still came through. She's taking Percocet now, which leaves her a little oblivious, but at least she's not experiencing that searing pain. I felt utterly hopeless and useless, but she said that she was glad that I was around to help her get stuff, and also to keep her company through all of this.

Zoe, our little girl... We actually haven't seen much of her, because she's been hanging out in the nursery more than our room. Because Mom isn't feeling great and requires the rest, the nurses and my wife have opted to have her in the nursery about half, if not most of the time. I got to hold her a few times and she's got the sweetest little face. Just a combination of the roundest features and the littlest slits that make up her closed eyelids and her closed mouth. Her lips are a little rosy and red, and she's got the faintest eyebrows. Her limbs are something to behold as well. Just tiny little things that wiggle from time to time.

Hopefully the wife and baby gets out of the hospital today. From here on out, we'll be having family visit almost every day through the weekend, and I'll be on Alex watch indefinitely. He's far too heavy and active for my wife to be chasing and picking him up, so I've got my stun gun and lasso for fatherly duties.

On a completely unrelated topic, I've started reading again! No, not the flaky blurbs from magazines with lots of photos to distract me from the words, but an actual book. The last one I read was a few years ago, and since my Double Day book fiasco, I finally caved and opened the box of books that I got from them. My first book - Mitch Albom's "The Five People You Meet in Heaven." I wouldn't say it was terribly religious, but certainly spiritual in tone. Very good book to to reintroduce reading to. Short chapters, almost built like a movie. Since we've checked into the hospital, I've read over half already, most of it in the dark. Woohoo! Pursuing intellectual pursuits is refreshing.

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