Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Half Full... The Glass is Half Full, Damnit!

It's a vicious cycle, really. I get all depressed about my situation and blab about it on the blog so that my captive readers who are really hoping for more photos of babies have to read about my pessimism, and then I actually start feeling guilty that I'm such a downer on the blog. I think I hate it more when I get so down that I bring my wife down right with me. So in this post, nothing but sunshine and kittens in pails.

So the other day we actually got the hospital bill, which my wife has been dreading for months (yes, it took two month before they sent a bill). Reason being, Alex was born last year and we got a bill in the $1000 ballpark. We made some stupid payment plan to stall till January, then used about $600 to pay off the rest of the balance. That was our PPO plan. Well, we switched over to HMO this last year, because we couldn't afford the premiums anymore. We really didn't know what to think about the HMO, what with all the bashing in the media and movies. The co-pay was a little higher, and prescriptions were higher. But we thought that it would sure beat having to pay 20 percent of the total bill.

So my wife comes into the room and asks me to guess how much the bill was. Well, the total bill turned out to be $7565. And insurance covered everything but... 50 bucks. That was our end. 50 bucks. Naturally, we were pretty happy about it because that was about 4 days in the hospital, plus getting her tubes tied on top of that. So we're sticking with our HMO and we'll have another baby next summer! Yay!

Half Full.

So today, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas came out after months and months of me drooling over it. I even hatched a plan to purchase it even though I have no money (by working five extra hours, which would cover the cost of the game when it goes on sale). But I went over to the Home Electronics department and held the game in my hand. It was so close, yet so far away. I could always donate some bodily fluids or something. I've proved that I'm fertile. Although my donor profile would probably be a little sad. "Auditor, Blind as a bat, Not Athletic, Not Bookish, A Little Like Santa, Likes sex jokes."

Also went to the bank today and saw someone holding a little baby. I didn't really even see the infant's face - could've been the ugliest baby with the biggest nose in the world, but it got me to thinking about Zoe, and how really beautiful and wonderful she really is, and how much I love her. I was also thinking that I better knock it off with thinking about how high maintenance she was and how she sealed my freedom and all that other junk. So I went home and held my baby and kissed her many times.

Another positive thing, I scored 56/196 in the 72nd percentile in my latests photo Challenge, and the theme was School Days. I personally thought my entry was iffy, but I guess it was executed well. I skipped the "Poverty" challenge, but should be able to participate in the next one if its not too far out of my reach.

Another positive thing - I can sleep in tomorrow. Yay!

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