Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Little Brain Scrambler

I had grandiose ideas about what to write on the blog all day, but when I came home from work today and my wife went to her work, all that damn crying and fussing scrambled my brain and all my brillaint ideas fell out of my head. My long-term memory has been damaged by Zoe's insistence on being the model Colic baby.

I love the little girl very very much, but her fussing, especially on nights when only one parent is around and I'm home after a full day's work, seems very overwhelming and tiring. On top of that, having to pay Zoe attention over Alex is tough on me because I feel as if I'm missing out on so much of Alex already. Well, she's asleep now, so that's all that matters.

So Alex's pants somehow worked it way off him this evening, and he was walking around really strangely, as if he had a heavy load. Looking at his diaper, the browning corners did give it away so I had to change him. But after that, I left his pants off and I noticed him doing something really peculiar. He would bend down, and hold his thighs and push and tug on them. It almost looked as if the little guy was trying to lift himself up, but couldn't. I know I tried to as a kid, and it never worked. So, that was amusing to watch.

On the Zoe front, we got some crap news today. Apparently, the bastards at Group Health decided to put their best monkeys on the phone the last time my wife called and added Zoe to the insurance, because when she called today, they said that Zoe wasn't covered. She would not be covered for medical insurance till the 1st of November. So we had to cancel her doctor's appointment tomorrow, and hope that she stays healthy for another few weeks. We still hadn't gotten her birth certificate either, which makes me paranoid. At least I have my blood coursing through her veins so if any paternity issue ever came up, we'd still be okay.

That was random.

Bedtime. I'm beat.

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