Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Relaxation... For Now.

The van's still broken, I still haven't heard from the other job, and our little girl's still crazy with colic, but we're generally doing a little better than before. Last night was so uncharacteristally easy that I actually squandered my freedom by not enjoying it because I kept waiting for the babies to act up. But Zoe pretty much napped through the evening and into the night, and Alex didn't even fuss when it was bedtime. It was surreal. It was so easy that I had to be suspicious. Kept looking out the window waiting for a comet to hit me. Maybe see a clown riding on that comet. Pointing right at me with an evil glint in his eye.

We tried Alex in his Halloween costume, and it was the cutest sight a parent could see! He was a little orange tiger who was walking around, being slightly aware of how adorable he was. Zoe hasn't tried her bunny outfit on yet,but it won't be long before you guys get to see it. Meanwhile, I've been wearing my fat outfit on for a while now. Can't seem to take the damn thing off...

We spent an hour or two today at the mall's playground, and it's fun to see him playing around the lunchbox playground. These are soft foam furniture in the theme of a giant lunchbox, and it's a fairly popular playground for the toddlers. I noticed some playground politics between the parents and the kids, and it's interesting to study the tolerance levels of parents. Some moms don't even bat an eye when her kid is antagonizing other kids, running them over and doing some light bullying. We noticed a mom showing some authority over her kid, but his time-outs were just a mere minute before he was back out there, pushing over other kids. Alex is still in a non-socializing mode, doing a lot of observation and smiling at other kids, but not really playing with them. It's cute when he's running around, smiling at other parents, and walking around shaking his head. It's his dizzy walk.

Alex is getting accustomed to rougher play - he's enjoying some light pillow swipes and our new game borders on being potentially dangerous. Basically, I toss the little boy on the couch, and he rolls off the couch into my pillow-padded arms. It's fun to watch him roll off the couch with a huge grin on his face, and of course, the underlying trust that I'm going to catch him is cool too.

Ahhh. Getting dizzy. Gotta go lay down now.

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