Sunday, September 26, 2004

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, yesterday was my 28th birthday and I had a fun little day with the fam! We didn't really have much planned - we are broke as hell in general, but more so after dinner the night before at Applebee's, whereby two alcholic drinks can cost more than my entree. We always forget why we don't like to eat there. But the riblets were good, and my wife and I dressed up for a seemingly casual restaurant and took Zoe with us, leaving Alex at home with JL. Aside from trying to eat without dripping barbeque sauce on the baby, it was a pleasant dinner. Overpriced, but probably well deserved for two brave parents.

But I saw a flyer on the bulletin board at work about Open House at the Heritage Flight Museum, or something like that. It only happened once a month, so we decided to go check it out. Free admission was the big draw, and "something different" was what we had in mind. So, after running some basic errands, we headed to the "museum", which is basically the entrance to a hangar, and sorta wandered in. The kids in flight uniforms looked at us. We looked at them. They said, "Take this. And make a donation there." "This" was a flyer for next month's open house, and the donations - well, I wanted to see what I was going to see first, but my wife made a one dollar donation which she later redeemed back as a complimentary hotdog with potato salad.

Walking into the hangar, there were about 6 planes in the parking space, and everyone seemed to be doing their own thing. I asked a pilot looking guy if we could just walk around and take pictures, thinking that would be more appropriate than, "So, where's the airshow, and is this all there is?" But that was pretty much it. Just a few WWII era planes that were kept up and maintained quite well. At the time, Alex and Zoe were taking turns fussing and crying, so the first round of walking around was a little stressful. But after a short break of feeding Zoe and holding Alex, we were actually having fun looking at the planes and taking lots of photos for me. I'm not much of a plane enthusiast, but it was nice to get out of the house and take pictures of objects other than a cat or a plant.

We got home and the children had to get some massive napping in, but my wife and I got to play "Burnout 3:Takedown", which is this new racing game that we rented. It features spectacular crashes and massive chaos, and some intense racing action that actually jolts me whenever I crash. I like the game, but I really like my wife's reaction more. She was absolutely, positively hooked on this game - not so much the racing aspect, but being the "king" of the crashing events. It was really fun seeing her so excited about causing so much mayhem.

We went out again and did some normal shopping, and had McDonald's for dinner. It wasn't a super celebratory day, but I liked it just fine. I have to buy another PS2 game to replace my birthday gift, because my wife, knowing me too well, actually bought me a game that I already own. A game that I like quite a lot, actually. But not enough to own two copies of it. I'm a risktaker that way, I suppose.

But it was a good day. This is actually the last weekend my wife and I will off together for a while. She goes back to work next week, and we'll pretty much be working opposite schedules so that we can watch the babies ourselves. So in a way, this was an excellent day for us. Whee!

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