Thursday, September 23, 2004

Two Babies. One Room. Let the Fun Begin!

Alex finally had his first normal healthy day yesterday - no medicine, minimal crankiness, and a good mood to boot. The biggest telltale sign of his improvement was when we put him to bed -- He fussed and cried to the Gods, just like he did every single night in the past. When he was sick, he'd just plop down and go right to sleep. He was happy to hit the hay when he was not feeling so hot. But it's really good to have the little boy back to normal. We miss his laughs.

So, in case I haven't mentioned yet, he's walking 99 percent of the time. He's given up on crawling completely. It's an adorable sight to walk him walk and fall in all sorts of different little spills -- He did the splits on the kitchen floor today and just picked himself right back up. If I did the splits on the kitchen floor, Alex would have two Mommies. But really, watching him walk is a simple pleasure in an otherwise crazy-ass day. I especially like it when he walks towards me, (or my wife or his sister). and when he sees my outstretched arms to receive him and the big encouraging smile on my face, he gets egotistic and quickens his little paces and practically lunges into my arms. The Happy Coos follow and I plant a wet one on his face and tell him how proud of him I am.

And to think, a year ago I told my wife that I'll probably not kiss babies that much. Now I'm practically making out with my boy whenever I miss him.

Well, not really making out. Just loving him a lot.

I kissed Zoe today too, just a quick peck. Everytime I did it, she would startle with her eyes widened, and her mouth almost going, "Oh!" It was kinda cute the first 10 times, and then I got the notion that this could very well be some form of child abuse, so I stopped.

Tonight we're trying the two babies in the same room thing, because Zoe being in the same room gets to be a little tough to sleep peacefully. So Alex has to deal with it. And so far, he's doing okay. If Zoe cries, he'll sleep through it. But if Me or my wife walk in the room and he notices, he'll start bawling. There are many instances whereby my wife would accidentally wake him up, and then stand very still as a defensive move. Alex would hold his head up with half-open eyes and go, "Mommy? Is that you? Oh. Maybe it's just a tree that looks like Mommy. Back to sleep." Plop.

Well, I should be plopping to bed myself. It's getting a bit late.

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