Sunday, September 12, 2004

Basic Training

Privates go into basic training for the first few months and it is absolute hell, but eventually they become used to the hardship and pain, then it's just smooth sailing from then on, until we go to war or something. This is otherwise known as teenage-hood. But anyway, this past week has been a rather tough one - I went back to work after three weeks of slacking, and my daughter went back to school, leaving my poor wife to herself with two babies and three cats.

Well, despite my going to work earlier in the morning and coming back to help with the housework, my wife and I still locked horns and fought a little. She exacted her swift revenge today but shaving the back of my head really short, but I guess that's retribution. I have to say this to everyone out there who hasn't had a baby yet, or is about to have one. Don't venture into parenthood unless you have a really strong, healthy marriage. It is near impossible to do so and survive it with your sanity. My wife and I have a really good relationship with each other, but we still fought about the first week. I'm not too worried about it, the first few months with Alex was about the same. I actually even think it's a little better this time round, because we have a better system.

This week became even more challenging because I forgot to apply my sick pay for last week, so I didn't get paid this week. I have to compensate for the lack of money now by working the streets, whoring myself. It's alright, pays the bills.

Alex is really fun to watch now, and his sense of humor is developing rather healthily. He's learning to mimic, and he loves the camera. I showed him some video of himself and he was giggling the whole way. Definitely got the hammy aspect from Mom alright! He's also walking about 80 percent of the time, crawling only when he gets really tired or really needs to book it. Today when a toy went awry, he crawled at light speed away from the toy, sat down, and bawled. While my wife rushed to console him, I was busy analyzing where he learned how to flee. I thought it would be a learned instinct, but I guess not!

Zoe is also doing better, spitting up less and less. I guess feeding her less was key to her not projecting milk all over the place! And that is a good thing.

My wife was just changing Zoe but she was still pooping, so she held up her legs, wiggled those little apendages, and said, "Work those muscles! Work it!" in order to get her to finish her job, so that she could finish changing her diapers. That topped my experience of holding up her legs and waiting for her to finish. I didn't actually physically encourage her to finish up.

Hmm, more later. My son is too cute to not videotape.

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