Saturday, September 04, 2004

The Ever Pending Paternity Leave is Ending.

Technically, it ends today but since I don't work on weekends and my family's coming up on Monday to celebrate his very first birthday, I won't be back at work till Tuesday - but it's still a little sad to be going back to work. I do enjoy seeing my wife a lot, and having her sexy bum so accessible for me to pat everyday; and having so much time to see Alex just be an absolute clown. He's really a lot of fun to watch sometimes, and you can see here. And of course, Zoe. Tough to leave a little baby girl at home, especially when she's crying and is completely inconsolable. Yeah, it's really tough.

But seriously, I feel like I haven't been taking enough pictures and videos of her, for the plain and simple reason being that I actually haven't had the time. But I'll just have to make it an effort, I do.

Going back to work will be interesting after three weeks of self-induced atrophy. I've been busy, but I haven't been very fit. Eating badly, skimming on sleep, and spending the rest of the time shoving my face with Nutella, which is God's greatest gift to mankind. My wife, the Chocolate Fiend, ironically hates it, even when I shove a spoonful of Choco Goodness in her face. I wonder why. But we've changed our lifestyles already with the arrival of Zoe. Instead of working five days a week for the money, I'm back to four days a week, with an off day in the middle of my four day week. Main reason? So that my wife doesn't lose it. Her words, her request. Also, I'll be going to work earlier, so that I could come home earlier to tend to the little ones. About two hours earlier, which is still 3 hours too early for me to wake up. 7am is when graveyard shift gets off, not when people go to work. It's inhumane.

My family is planning a big to-do for Alex's first birthday this Tuesday, except they're ceremoniously celebrating it on a Monday. We've got the SpongeBob cake, the Spongebob napkins, party hats, cups, and streamers. We've got pizza and balloons planned, and a 45 dollar chocolate cheesecake. My mom's financing this shindig, because if we did, it'll be a cupcake for Alex and a rubber balloon with Daddy's spit in it. Yeah, we're that poor. Damn baby expenses. I personally would not spend that much for a cheesecake, but my mom insisted, so there you go. I was telling my wife that the cheesecake better have some kind of euphoric effect or something, or at least contain some kind of stimulant to make me forget that it's a 45 freakin' dollar cheesecake. Holy Cow.

So that's all. I'm a little tired because my wife had a screaming baby last night and this morning, so my sleep was interrupted by a little girl who had better plans for me. Well, at least I get to hold her up and pretend she's a little Buddha. That always helps.

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