Friday, August 27, 2004

The New Obsession

Everytime I'm on the internet, I have to check on the progress of my photos at DPChallenge, and see who's commented on my photos, and how my score is doing. My first entry scored 88th place out of 245, and my second photo scored even better, 53 our of 223. It's pretty silly, because it's voted by anyone who's registered, and in the end nobody really wins anything even if you got first price, but it's fun to submit to their challenges. Last week's theme was "Hope", and I submitted a photo similar to the one of Fifth Eye - and so far I've gotten really positive comments on it, even though my score still seems to be on the lower side. I think it's a really good photo of Zoe. This week's "Framing" challenge has got me stumped, but I do have a backup photo of Alex I can use if all else fails.

Zoe's doing better - the weird little dried up umbilical cord thingy finally fell off today - and if you're unfamiliar with newborns, they have a little excess cord that hangs out and falls off eventually, and you're not supposed to do anything to it, but just wait for it to fall off. But it looks pretty nasty toward the end, a little crispy and black, just hanging out of her tummy. So, with the detachment of that dead material, we finally got to give her a bath for the first time since she was born over a week ago. It went okay, I think it kinda wore her out though.

On a wronger note, we've noticed that Zoe started out pretty dark skinned - so much so that when the hospital photographer came in to take a hospital photo, she asked my wife if she was Spanish. And after that, it just got stuff in my head that she looked like a Hispanic girl. It's silly really, she's pretty Asian, but she's so much darker than Alex. Hmm. On a lighter note (ahhhh! Pun!!!), Alex's hair is getting lighter, though it still appears black most of the time.

We, the parents are handling it day by day. I'm wrangling with a little bit of depression and my wife is still dealing with her moodiness and tendency to cry. I've had a constant headache for a few days now, and my wife and I are kinda on edge. We just keep reminding ourselves that the first few months with a baby is hell - it was the toughest period of our marriage when Alex was in his first few months - but eventually he gets settled into a routine and things are well again. It will be a few months before Zoe gets into a routine, so we're just handling it day by day. Try not to let fatigue talk for us.

Watching "The Pianist" this morning didn't really help brighten my mood either.

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