Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The Warm Little Man

Now that I'm taking Wednesdays off to help with the baby wrangling, I'm beginning to think it's a pretty sweet deal. I mean, work two days, have a day off, work another two days, and then have the weekend off? It's almost like a freakin' vacation, it is. Needless to say, I did absolutely nothing productive today.

As you may be wondering, Alex still has his fever. The doctor was guessing that it was roseola, and that we had to watch his fever and make sure it doesn't go past 103 - otherwise he could possibly go into seizures. But he's definitely acting a little better today, much more active than yesterday and more vocal - just generally in a better mood. But his batteries are still not lasting as long - he gets tired quickly and is often just laying around, spacing out like his Dad.

Something good did come of it though. Little boy's gotten very cuddly because he's not feeling good, so he's sitting with us or just laying with us, chilling and resting. Often he's running around screaming, fashioning toys into weapons of mass destruction, but it's sweet that now he's just coming to us and cuddling with us. I grabbed him and hugged him and he let me, and that's actually a pretty big deal. He usually squirms himself out of my love hug and runs away.

Alex did a couple of fun things today worth retelling. He was chewing on a little piece of paper towel today, undoubtedly for its superior taste and nutritional benefits, so my wife stuck her finger in his mouth to retrieve it. That triggered his gag reflex, and in a second, he barfed a little bit of goodness on my wife. And like any good supportive husband, I immediately backed her up by laughing my ass off. My wife wasn't as amused, and Alex just carried on about his business, attempting to eat something out of the cats' food bowl.

The other amusing thing he did today was either entirely accidental, or the beginning of a very dangerous habit - at least for Mommy and Daddy. I was eating crumbs off the floor or something, I don't remember... But I remember looking up and seeing Alex, holding a used diaper. He had a rather disgusted expression on his face, accompanied with a perplexed-sounding, "Ugh?!" My first thought was that we had forgotten a diaper on the floor after changing him. But then I saw his bare ass and realized that it was his. Yes, he has FIGURED OUT HOW TO REMOVE HIS OWN DIAPER!

If either of us ever had any germ phobias, they're completely gone now. Just given up on cleanliness. Our garbage is now a toxic waste dump. Even flies avoid it.

Zoe is doing fine as well. Just the usual "hold-me-all-the-freakin-time-or-I'll-scream" bit and eating. She hasn't spit up as much, but we're very careful about it. It's like a unpredictable barf bomb who spends 20 hours of the days screaming. We love her, we truly do. But there's something completely unsettling about a screaming baby that has caused major short term memory loss in Mommy and Daddy's brain, and a sudden drop in vocabulary. We used to talk about a broad variety of topics, and now it's limited to pooping, eating, burping, and what's on TV.

I seriously have to take more photos and video of Zoe. It's just harder now because of Alex, and Zoe always needing to be held. But those are excuses of a bad father. I should be a better father.

Oh yeah, one last thing. Don't watch "The Punisher." It's amazingly horribly bad. Complete waste of budget and a decent actor.

Diego out.

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