Monday, September 13, 2004


Age of family member who has gotten a fever and isn't feeling too hot: 1
Temperature peaked: 103F
Number of worried parents: 2
Number of minutes parents "took off" anyway, leaving the kids at home in care by a co-worker of mine who lives nearby: 45
Number of minutes we were worried about our kids: 0
Number of minutes we were worried about my co-worker's kid she had brought along: 45

Number of Showers my Wife took today: 2
Number of ounces that Zoe barfed up on my wife, inciting that second shower: 2
Number of Baths my Daughter took today: 2
Number of hours between those Baths: 4
Number of valid reasons why she needed that second bath: -5

Number of foreign people in my dream, whose stereotypes were the basis of a man's personality: 5
People I should probably tell about that dream: 1

Number of hours before I have to wake up to go to work: 6
Reasons I can think of to stay up another 10 minutes: 1,000,000. And 1.

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