Monday, September 20, 2004

Typing Madness

I can barely type anymore after spending 45 minutes on Typer Shark, which is exactly the type of dorky ass game that I would get into. But I have to brag because I did pretty well on the normal run.

Dive Master
Level 19
68 W.P.M.
95% Accuracy
1438270 points.

It's completely useless in the grand scheme of things, but it's good for making me feel like I've accomplished something, even though typing sharks to death isn't exactly a daily threat for me. But you never know...

Alex has not improved in the happy department - still gets sobbingly upset after a few hours up. We gave him some baby asprin and he started doing a little better with that - here's hoping that it's just the rosela. I did some googling about his symptons, and Lupus came up. I'm hoping that it isn't Lupus, because there's no cure for it at all. But I'm not jumping to conclusions, just hoping that the doctors visit tomorrow will be helpful and beneficial, and they can make my little boy happy again.

The Little Girl has been a little funner to play with today, probably because we were mostly mocking her in a loving sort of way. You have to, just because its one of the unwritten benefits of parenthood - you get to make fun of them and then disclaim it with an affection of love. Earlier today, I wrapped her up in a blanket tightly, including her left arm by her side, so only her right arm and her head was uncovered by the blanket. So I propped her up on my thigh and told me wife that Zoe can do an impression.

"I'm a one-armed bandit. I'm a slot machine!"

Then we proceeded to pull down on her exposed extended right arm - like a slot machine. Sadly, no money came out.

We were also making fun of her facial expressions, all of which are sorta cute in a baby way. If an adult were to make these faces, they'd probably be banished and sent to a reality tv show for a on-screen makeover. But as it were, she has her disgrunted expression, whereby she's not contented with what's going on, but not really all that upset. And her weird O face, when her eyes are wide open, her eyebrows arched down, and her mouth's formed into a little "o", as if she were some kind of hairy fish. And there's her poop face. Looks like anyone's face when they're going, I suppose.

Well, she's waking up. Time for me to feed the little girl.

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