Thursday, September 30, 2004

Kiddy Update

Zoe is filling up, as I'm told. She's no longer the scrawny little earthworm anymore, but now she's getting some meat to those bones. Her facial expressions have also progressed to 7 different versions of "pissed off" from 5, and 3 different versions of "generally discontented" from 2. I have yet to count any happy expressions. I lose count of the crying expressions because her wailing jumbles my brain, and I fail to function as a normal human being at that point. I just stare at her and will her to stop crying. I'll let you know when it works.

But she's a sweetie of course. When she's not crying and is pretty okay with the world, she's quite pleasant to look at and kiss. Once she gets used to the notion that things can be okay from time to time when she's not fussing, then the world will be a better place. Our world, anyway.

She's already rolled over from her chest position by herself, though we suspect she's doing that because she just wants to kick our asses for putting her on her front. She's down to waking up only once a night for the most part, and is adapting okay to sleeping in the same room with Alex. She even got a kiss from her older brother today, which is the sweetest thing to watch. Alex looks affectionately fond of kissing Zoe, and Zoe looks... like a stunned badger. I dunno.

Alex is making me prouder every single day. Whenever I come home from work, he always walks up to me saying, "Dah dah dah!" with the best looking smile on his face. He also says "Dah dah dah!" when he's got a sock in his hand and he's whipping the cat's head with it, so I take it for its face value. But it's nice to pretend that he's talking to me anyhow. And he holds out his arms for me to pick him up, and for about an hour after that it's impossible to put him down again. You either have to put him down in a new area he's been previously had no access to, i.e. the bathroom, or the kitchen, or a giant sponge, or he'll just start cry-whining and grab your legs.

The other thing that he's doing, that's so sweet and wonderful and great, is that he's learning to give me kisses. I would make the kissing sound while holding him, and he would lean towards me with his mouth open in some contortion, and plant me a sloppy one. Then he'd laugh, and I'd laugh, and we'd do it all over again. Sure, often his mouth would be cookie-ish or crumbly from some crap he was just eating, or he'd leave a trail of spit between our mouths (yeah, that was pleasant.), or he'd come towards me with his wide open mouth that threatens all sanitary standards of the household, but I wouldn't care. My little boy likes to kiss me, and that's the best thing in the world.

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