Saturday, December 18, 2004

Parenting and Gangsta Rap

One of the many ways I've been coping with the stresses of Parenthood with two babies, other than excessive drinking and pinching strangers' asses, has been the most unlikeliest of sorts. Since I got San Andreas, I've been playing it a fair share, but at the same time I've been a little interested in the music. At first I was reluctant to extract all the songs off the game to make my own soundtrack - since I'm too poor to fork over 80 bucks for all the songs. From all the station's playlist and from what I heard, I was not impressed and was a little iffy. However, after 155 songs extracted from the game, I now have the ultimate soundtrack.

Anyway, getting back on the topic - I've found unlikely solace in Gangsta Rap, specially one of the radio stations in the game called, "Radio Los Santos." I enjoy some of the other stations too, but for some reason the Gangsta Rap's really doing it for me. I've been analyzing my own brain for answers, and I think it lies in the fact that a lot of the songs are from rappers who feel oppressed, slightly paranoid, and wary of the world they live in. It's a weird comparison, but I really think that's why I'm drawn to it. Of course, I'm not about to start poppin' people on the street or doing drive-bys anytime soon, but I think some of the songs release some of the tension and pent-up frustrations I have. And yes, I do listen to it when I go to work in the morning. And I actually feel better after that.

I'm sure I'm not exactly the target demographic for the rappers either. Parent of babies.

Christmas is coming along okay. I already got my present since it's not so much a suprise sort of present, but rather a necessity sort of present. Earlier this week, my CD player flew out of my hands and the lid popped off, making it pretty much unplayable. I might try to fix it with Velcro later, but that meant that I didn't have a CD player that played MP3s. So that's what I got for Christmas. My wife also knows what she's getting, and we're probably not going to wrap the kids presents. Yeah, we're evil like that.

Hey look! A penny!

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