Monday, January 03, 2005

The Big Switcharoo

I mentioned some of the switches I'd like to make before, and some of them are already done. I've moved all the movies and photos from old posts onto the new Earthlink address, which merely took FIVE MONTHS. My eyes are crossed from doing this, because it's not easy to find old posts and change those codes over. Ah well, should be all done anywho.

I also ordered the Dish online, should be here on the 11th. Quite excited about that, though I don't really know why. Anything different warrants a positive emotion, I suppose.

Also, my wife absolutely loves the DVD's I'm burning from home movies. They were pretty much out of reach before, because they were in their original Mini-DV format, and it just took too much trouble to hook up to watch some random footage. Now I have the DVDs labeled by date, and though they're unedited, they have chapter stops, which makes a huge difference.

Watching some of the old stuff really brings back a lot. It's amazing how much you miss when you're busy parenting. We're seeing all the old tricks he used to do but has since replaced with better tricks, and furniture we used to have, and stuff we used to do. I even told my wife, "You know what's weird about this video? We're both home and its daytime." And it's the sad truth, folks. The only day when I am home with my wife during the day is Sunday, and that's only because she works a 5 am shift. Otherwise, I either see her for a short period of time, or just in the evenings.

Ugh, I can feel myself getting sick. I hate that feeling of something icky coming on.

Well, that's it.

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