Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!

I'm not really the type to care much about the New Year - to me Chinese New Year had more gravity to it because there were actually customs and traditions to go along with it. The Western New Year was just time to make new resolutions that we could've done any other time of the year, and time to get a new calendar. I never partied into the New Year, so it wasn't even like an excuse for a drinking binge.

However, it has somewhat become a little tradition to see Brendon and Maralise. Last year we were over at their place when Alex was still little, and Brendon's brother was in town as well. The year before that, I don't remember what we did, but I think Brendon and Maralise were involved. And this year was no exception, except it's been the biggest crowd ever. At one point, there was us five, and Jill and the grandkids showed up, and then B and M and M's mom showed up too. And let's not forget little Adrian, who's due in like four days, hanging out in M's tummy. So, that's 12 people in the house at one time. Them a lot of peeps, yo.

So, baby updates. Zoe's more on a schedule, if you consider sleeping through the night and mostly through the day a schedule. She's also got more control, grasping at toys and smiling a ton. She can also dance up a storm, but usually we're manipulating her like a shameless flesh puppet, so I don't know if that really counts. Her hair is also growing and balding sparadically, like some odd vegation that's got too much sun and not enough water at the same time. But she does have the sweetest little smile, like the kind that takes the whole face to express. She's definitely working her way past the screaming infant stage into the "I'm cute, love me" stage. That's a good stage.

Alex is currently watching DVDs of himself, and being tremendously pleased. So begins his fate as a self-obessed entertainer. I suppose the good thing about that is that his teacher is one of the best, thank you very much. He's also started (quite a while ago, but I didn't post about it) taking bites, as supposed to deep-throating food. His choke ratio to digestion ratio has improved, and even his need for milk is weening. Now he wants Daddy's Diet Coke. Mommy hates it when I let him sip my Diet Coke, but after a few sips, I hate it too because the little boy backwashes like crazy. You'd think he ate dirt.

And finally, I've found a use for my chin stubble. My uncle used to do it to me, so I've been on the receiving end of it, and I know that the long-term damaged is easily remedied with long-term video-game playing. So that's why I play a lot.

Anyway, Alex like it when I take his foot, and rub the bottom of his sole on my stubble. He giggles up a storm, and then dangles his feet in front of me again. I play this game with him every few days because whenever I shave, it does take a while for it to stubble. It's the Asian Guy curse. I suppose it's not a bad curse to have, to be hairless. Except I get cold often. So, there you have it, my New Years Resolution. Be grow facial hair. I'll have photographic proof in about, oh, a year.

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