Saturday, April 02, 2005

Recently, whenever I see babies at work, I can't help but think of my own babies. It's the devil's plan to see other people's babies and compare your own with theirs, but I just can't help it. And without question, I always arrive at the same conclusion as every other parent out there who has a baby: My baby's cuter.

I am learning to accept that there are different kinds of cuteness in the world, like the kid I heard laughing today at the store. Not only does this kid look like my step-grandchild, he's got the same goofy laugh that sounds like he's a little pervert. Kinda this chortle that perverts do when he ogle at women; I know, I'm a pervert. Though I don't chortle very much anymore. My wife got sick of hearing me do it around her all the time, which is the only place that I ever do it. Really.

I haven't seen any baby look like Zoe, but I have seen older girls or young women whom she might grow up to look like. It's kinda odd that I would be able to see that, but I can't see Alex as a young man yet. I guess Zoe's look is a little easier to peg, and Alex is a little more unique. Either way, I guess my wife has been getting a lot of comments about how the babies really look alike now. I can see the resemble somewhat, though it's still tough to tell. I don't know if people are just generalizing because they don't see a lot of Chinese babies, or if they really do look alike. Not that it bothers me, they are siblings.

So my wife and I celebrated our low-key anniversary by going to... Shari's. I know, it sounded kinda cheap and bad, so we defected to Denny's after our server make some odd comment about my workplace being Freddy's Falls-Apart. Which really makes no damn sense. We ate out, which was something that I once read about in a book before I was a father, and that was pretty much it. Well, as much as I'll tell anyway. It was nice, but definitely too short. Vegas will be nice because I would be spending more than a few hours with her,

Been considering about my career again, and last night I was so sick of my inactivity that I applied for two jobs, both out of state. I haven't manufactured a theory as to what I would do if I actually got it, but it was a good jab to myself that said, "Now that wasn't so hard, was it?"

But it was. Very hard. One site had me enter every question individually. I think I spent about a good 45 minutes filling in the blanks on dialup. Ridculous. But I spent all day today thinking about the job, and it made me feel warm inside thinking about actually doing some work that I enjoyed. Mmmm.

Now if only someone paid for me to be a pervert. Which might be the other job I applied for. It's in California, land of the perverse fornicators, and it's for a production company that uses "models" and involves "amateur video". I'm not ruling it out, but I doubt it'll be for me. Unless it paid really well.

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