Thursday, March 10, 2005

Technology Bites my Stupid Ass

Didja ever get so incredibly irate at yourself for doing something so astounding dumb that you just wish that you would just wither and die? Well, I have that moment today when I discovered that the digital photos that I thought I had archived - I didn't. So I deleted photos thinking that I had archived and backed up, but in reality I was deleting them for good. And since it was about two weeks ago and a lot of data had come and went, it's practically impossible to recover.

Why the fuss? Well, since I have a DVD burner, it's not just hundreds of pictures gone - it's about a little less than 3 thousand photos. And the photos among them? Alex's first summer, his first birthday, and Zoe's birth and first two months. How can anyone not be pissed at me? I'm really profoundly irritated with myself for losing that much data.

The semi good news is that I have created at least one CD for my mom, who should still have the copy, and I have also uploaded a good portion of the photos onto imagestation, which I can get an archive DVD for 14.99. And yes, I would pay that much because the photos are irreplacable. And fortunately, since I uploaded mostly the great photos, at least I will still have those.

But I'm still so angry at myself.

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