Monday, February 14, 2005

My Funny Valentine

Today is Valentine’s Day and I don’t even get to see my wife. After I work a full shift, I’ll see her for 45 minutes and then she’ll go to work. Maybe for an hour more after she gets off work at 11 p.m. Anywho, here’s 50 of thousands of reasons why I love my wife so much. Indulge.

50. The way you scare yourself sometimes.
49. The boundless love you have for our children.
48. The way you say, “Oh, Honey...” when I tell you about my bad day.
47. Your funny eyebrow/eyeball randomness trick. It’s really cute.
46. How you like my bad cooking.
45. How you enjoy Alex’s little antics.
44. How you think displacing my food while I’m not looking is funny, even though it’s not really that amusing.
43. The way you feel when we’re together.
42. You always say, “Hi honey,” when you wake up after I’ve been up or are still up, and you have the nicest smile in the world.
41. Your sound effects.
40. I like the excitement you get when you’ve found out I wrote something on the blog.
39. You remember that movie, with that one guy who did that thing while riding the one thing? I like the way you remember movies like that.
38. How you’ll try anything once, even though you’re not completely sure about it.
37. You put up with the worst of me, and still love me as much as you did before we got into it.
36. Our in-car snowball/flicking/slapping/water/pinching/punching fights.
35. The way you smile when I look into your eyes.
34. How you like to narrate stuff I’m doing at the time.
33. All these games you’ve invented for our babies to play. I have no imagination.
32. How you sometimes swear at the bad guys in the videogame when you’re playing Ratchet and Clank.
31. Your little dancing jigs you do sometimes. Your arms bop and your head bops to this imaginary tune. It makes me happy to see it.
30. Your short ditties you sing while you’re doing something.
29. The way you receive my hugs... They’re never rejected!
28. How if I try really hard to kiss you well, you’ll emit a pleasant moan to show your approval. Yeah, that’s hot.
27. Your butt.
26. Your competitiveness. Learn to ease up, dude!
25. How you can be so inpolitically correct sometimes.
24. The way you get excited when one of my projects has good news. It’s like you were an investor or something.
23. Your honesty.
22. How you like to smell my forehead sometimes. It breaks my character, but hey, it’s worth it.
21. The smile on your face whenever you walk in the door.
20. Whenever you sing in the shower when you’re in a goofy mood, it kills me. Like the time you warbled the original Star Trek theme.
19. How you sometimes suffer from my snoring or blanket stealing in the middle of the night, but you’re kind to let me get away with it.
18. How you say, “Shit” sometimes, and then follow it with, “I don’t like to use that word. I’m a church lady.”
17. The fact that you use the phrase, “I’m a church lady.”
16. The chemistry we have when we’re alone. It’s just the greatest utopia I’ve ever found with anyone.
15. The way you laugh at me when I get hurt.
14. Tickling you. You do these violent jolts and then you continue to lay there and wait for more.
13. The way you praise my often stupid and bile-inducing butt wiggles.
12. How we agree on a lot of parenthood issues.
11. Our mini-games. We don’t do those as much anymore, when they’re still fun to do once in a while.
10. How you’re all heart.
9. Your kiss always puts me in a special place I like to call, “Luckytown.”
8. How you cuddle with me when we watch movies.
7. Your love for chocolate makes for easy shopping for me.
6. The way you looked after you had our babies. Beautiful.
5. The way your lower lip curls when you’re about to cry.
4. How you like to mirror my goofiness in a sincere way, to play with me in my own weirdness.
3. The way you starting crying the other day and said to me, “Can you make me a sandwich?”
2. Talking to you. That I could do forever.
1. You’re my best friend.

Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetie.

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