Sunday, January 23, 2005

Developing Babies

I know, I don't write enough about the babies. Enough about me and my stupid materialistic obsessions. Alex isn't going to care about satellite TV when he reads this when he's eighteen. (I say eighteen because that's when he'll move out to avoid doing further housework and homework. Somehow he will steal this blog when he leaves. I don't know how yet. Ask him.) No, he's going to want to know what made him the man he was, and if I was of full capability to raise him in the first place.

So, onward.

Zoe's developed quite a different personality than Alex. Well, different and the same. First of all, she loves him to bits. Just absolutely adores him. She'll laugh at him ten times more than she laughs at us, and you can just tell that even at that age, she's just smitten with her brother. Thinks the world of him, and thinks he's pretty darn cool. She's got the cutest little smile and eyes that just light up when she smiles. And her limbs will trash about when she gets excited, and at times her tougue even comes into play. It'll stick out of her mouth and stay there for a while, or she'll just play around with it and drool over the world. She's also very opinionated, and a little sassy to boot. She will tell you everything about anything, and if she can't find the right words, she'll just scream random shrieks of alarm at ya. You check her clothes to see if they are, indeed, on fire. It's usually not the case. Sometimes. But rarely.

She grabs things just fine, but still has to sit up by herself, and eat cereal successfully. This girl just doesn't like change. She rolls over from time to time, but mostly when she's on her tummy, she'll just flail about as if she's just jumped from an aircraft at 30,000 feet. Her hair's a mess. Bald spots, some really long and crazy spots, and the girl's got some curls. Weird Asian baby.

Alex is getting into the toddler stage whereby right and wrong are now into play. For the most part, he does listen to us and when we enforce something, he usually cries as if we've betrayed his trust and destroyed his innosense. I think this is the stage whereby parents mold their kids to either be good listeners with good behavior, or bad listeners who do whatever they want. Right now, it's going okay, but the crying is hard to bear.

Fortunately, he's a loving brother to his little sister, giving her hugs, giving her toys (and snatching them away), and humoring her from time to time. You gotta admire that too, especially since she does wake up him a lot. He's still not talking too much, but he tries to mimic certain words. I suppose I should make more of an effort to teach him words. Damn satellite TV.

Okay, it's midnight. Gotta go before I turn into some kind of vegetable.

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