Saturday, January 15, 2005

Happy Birthday, Adrian!

Yippee! Now Alex and Zoe have a new friend, and his name is Adrian Conrad Sheridan. B and M had them on Thursday morning at around 2-ish, and I only forgive Mr. B for calling me that early in the morning because I know he was just so excited to tell us about it, he couldn't wait. Congratulations to B and M and welcome to the world, little Adrian! Thursday was a busy day for us, having to deal with the Satellite people coming over, and then having to go to work after visiting the baby, so we couldn't stay too long. Besides, Alex was starting to get antsy anyhow, so I don't think anything longer than an hour would've worked. Alex would've exploded. Interesting factoid: M and my wife seem to think that she was in the same room as my wife when she had Alex, therefore making room Number 10 the cool room to have a baby in! Of course, the next time they have a girl, they'll be having it in the room Zoe was born in.

So, it's exciting to actually have friends who have babies now - we've had friends with babies before, but we don't really hang out with those friends. These friends are the ones we go to Fourth of July celebrations with, spend New Year's with, and just hang out and play video games with. I'll even just say it's like our family was extended with a tiny little baby. So now, I won't feel as though I'm the only guy screaming in the room, for I'm sure Brendon will be doing the exact same thing with me. I think it's great, though.

So, satellite TV hasn't happened yet, and there's even a dilemna now. I won't spend any time redescribing the absolute mundaneness of the problem, but basically I can say with confidence that Comcast sure knows how to bully their way into people's homes. Hopefully it'll be installed next Friday without any further silliness, and I can continue the further destruction of my imagination. I need to feed the beast!

I'm out.

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