Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Cranky Babies and No-Shows

Evidently, Santa thought I have been a bad boy and so he took away my broadband and gave me dial-up instead. I'm coping only because I'm really looking forward to my Dish Network installation, perhaps unrealistically estatic about it even though it's pretty much the same deal as what we're watching now. Having a different provider doesn't necessarily mean that the content gets any better, but that's what I'm clinging to, I suppose. We also signed up for DVR, which is basically a service that lets you pause (or record onto the hard drive on your receiver, but "pause" sounds cooler. Like you just freaking froze time or something.) TV, and skip recorded commericials. It's like having a VHS without having to search for a blank tape. So, looking forward to that. Looking forward to Sirius Satellite radio that comes with it too, that's cool. And the five Spanish channels, not to mention the 9 religious channels.

But broadband still sucks. Downloading porn is now tedious and too time-consuming, so I'll have to resort to more productive things like writing, or cleaning, or playing with babies.

Just kidding! I love my babies.

Speaking of which, we are still awaiting the arrival of Brendon and Maralise's bambino, who is still hanging out in there, probably waiting past the due date. I think Brendon's tearing his beard out, but we're expecting to get the call anytime. Just not at 4 in the morning. We can wait till daytime for that.

As for our babies, they decided to gang up on my wife today, because Zoe just didn't take any naps (or refused to, rather) and Alex was just cranky and crying. We think that his tooth might be bothering him, because sometimes he cocks his head to the side against his shoulder, as if to apply some sort of pressure against it. He'll sob unconsolably, and there's really not much either of us can do. But actually, tonight he did really well in part of me constantly playing with him. He doesn't seem to notice the pain as much when he's busy chasing me around or laughing. He even went right to bed when I put him down. He's a great kid.

As part of my cycle of dealing with life, I am once again at peace with where I'm at. Whenever I surrender myself to my situation, I'm generally a happier person. No worrying about getting a better job, or thinking about all the stuff I'm not doing, or trying to get other projects done while watching the kids - basically, when I focus on my specific task at hand, at work or being a Dad, I'm pretty contented. When I try to be an artist and a multi-tasking monkey, that's when the gears begin to grind and my angry twin begins to take over me. Yesterday, I even got to watch a movie and relax while watching babies, and it actually made me happier because I got to think about the movie all day today.

It was "Collateral", by the way.

Well, I got apples to pick.

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