Thursday, January 06, 2005


In this continuing theme of evolution due to necessity, today saw more changes, and some of it notably sad ones because it only serves as a reminder that I'm a different person now. But all things must pass indeed, and here's hoping that not too much will be different.

Started off the day (after the morning routines) going to the post office with the gang (my wife was supposed to work today, but she wasn't feeling too hot, so she hung out at home. I decided not to renew my PO Box, which is honestly, been in my name for over 5 years. Could be six or seven, but it's just been that long. It was my PO Box when I was living in shared apartments while in college, then it became my business address, and now it's just a place where my magazine sit while I try to find the time to get my mail. So I decided to nix the box after years of service.

After that, we went across the street and started a joint checking account at the bank, and thus starting a new checking account. It sorta signifies the end of my individual checking account that I've had for all these years, and it's another sad but necessary transition in order to get our bills in order. It'll take a while to move things over, but we're now acting like a real married couple. There will soon me no me and her, just us. That's not a bad thing, but financial-related affairs are always touchy anyhow.

And tonight, I decided to no longer delay the inevitable task of killing my videography business by closing my business account. I had hoped to one day restart the business, but I think what I really need is a better job, not a more complicated one. It's heartbreaking to close this business especially after I've put so much into it - not money nor time, but heart. Everything I did for that business was from my own heart and mind, I never paid anyone else to take care of anything. But after dealing with the taxes for so long, it's really stupid for me to hang on to the business when the logical side of me says that it's never going to happen again, and if it did, it wasn't the wisest decision to make.

Too many changes. And Zoe, perhaps deciding to evolve today, started a strange habit of fussing. She usually just fusses like a normal baby, crying or beginning to cry whenever she needs something, but today she would actually do a low-grade scream, as if she was a really bad scream actress or someone was poking her in the forehead repeatedly. It wasn't crying, but it wasn't cooing either. Just a scream that was a relatively normal speaking volume. It was cute for the first half of the day - now it's just grating our brains. She's also not going to sleep tonight, and hopefully when I'm ready to go to bed, she'll be out.

Well anyway, I'm nearing the 10,000 visitor mark soon and that's pretty cool. The counter was even set at zero when I first started.

Oh, a favor to ask, can supporters please click through some of the ads? It's kinda died on me for this month. Thanks a bunch.

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