Saturday, January 08, 2005

Snow Day!

We all know that my wife is a wonderful and loving mother to my two babies and an excellent wife I'm proud to be the husband of, but while formulating a blog entry in the shower, I realized that the massive amounts of infomation that I want to write on the blog is pretty much because of her. She just makes life more interesting, and without her around, life just gets to be a little more boring and stressful.

It actually started snowing all day Thursday, and even when we were on our evening walk, we were pretty convinced that none of it was going to stick. The air felt warm and it was starting to turn into rain. But when I woke up this morning, I looked out the window and went into some mild form of worry. After much debate and some light drinking, I decided not to go into work because I really didn't wanna get stuck at work when more snow comes in. We tried going back to sleep but by then we were just spritely so we went for a nice morning walk before the babies woke up.

When Alex woke up, he was in for a treat by having some fun in the snow. He had gone out the first time yesterday, but today he was in for a ball. He got all bundled up and then he played around in the snow, batting the powder with his makeshift sock mitten (we later found his regular mittens, they were in the drawer having some glove love with the oven mitt) and just having a ball. I videotaped him screaming and talking about what a great time he was having, even if his hands were frozen.

The downer was that whenever he had to come in, he'd throw a little fit. But usually we hand him a banana and he'd forget what he was upset about. He went out another time later when my wife tried to use a baby-gate cardboard box as a makeshift sled. That worked extremely badly, but was really glad for comedic value.

I went for another walk with JL, taking lots of snow pictures and having most of them turn out indifferently, because the snow had blanketed everything to this nothingness. No shadows or textures, just a bunch of smooth white snow. And snow just freaks cameras out anyway, throwing off the white balance completely and making people seem really blue.

But my wife and I got to go on two walks today, get into a snow fight, watch Spider-Man 2 (finally!), and yeah, both conspired to topple a 4 foot snow penis. Turns out these damn college idiots built one, complete with scrotum and twigs for hair, in front of their house by the sidewalk. The immature side of me thought it was pretty funny, but the parental side of me was pretty pissed because it was facing the street, and there was a playground across the street and a daycare as well. That's just not cool. So I gave it a swift kick after we discussed its untimely assassination.

Me: I'm going to kick the dick now.
Wife: Ok.
Me: Damn. It's hard.
Wife: Hee hee hee. You said it was hard.

(We walk away, then return to finish the job. Wife decides to karate chop the dick.)
Wife: Ow! It's hard!
Me: Told ya.
Wife: I think I broke my hand.
Me: Here.
(I ram it with my shoulder, toppling it over.)
Me: There. I castrated the snow dick.
Wife: I'll call in and say I broke my hand on a dick.

The damn college punks have since rebuilt it. Bastards. I need a flare or something.

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