Thursday, February 10, 2005

Simpsons as Life

">That episode when the Simpsons can't find any photos of Maggie, and Homer tells the story about his dream job at the bowling alley, being perfectly happy and fine until he finds out that Marge is pregnant, and then they flashback to Homer being told that they were having Bart, and he screams, rips out his hair and runs upstairs, and then does the same with Lisa till he had no hair, and then having to crawl back to his old job at the nuclear plan and having Mr. Burns put up a plague that read something like, "Don't forget, you belong here forever," and then being totally bummed out about life, and then being indifferent to Maggie's birth until Maggie holds his thumb and they bond, and then they show that that Homer took all the photos of Maggie to the plant so that he could put it all over his plague to cover some words and highlight others to spell, "Do it for Her."...

It kills me everytime I see it. Turns me into a sobbing mess.

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