Monday, December 11, 2006

Shafted by the Man

Perhaps it's a really good thing that I'm not with Freddy's anymore, because it would be awkward and infuriating to work for a company that has this stupid rule. This is common knowledge if you've worked for the company, but nonetheless a number of people still fall victim to it.

If you're a checker, and you make the mistake of returning a written check back to a customer, you're instantly terminated. Never mind that it was an accident, or that none of that money actually went in your pocket, or you don't even know the lucky bloke who just got his check back. It's instant termination. Regardless of the amount of the check, or the number of times you've done it.

Well, chalk up my wife as the latest notch in this stupid rule.

Okay, she's technically suspended, which is their pansy ass way of saying they're too indecisive to tell her that. But we're not really holding our breath on this on, and she's reeling from it kinda hard. I mean, she's dedicated 19 years to this company, and they're accusing her of god knows what. And the amount of the check? 60 bucks or so. That's it. One bloke drove a forklift into a water pipe at work, and it was 20 thousand dollars of merchandise ruined, and he kept his job. Hell, I accidently broke some idiot's tailgate handle, and she fleeced us with some phony claim for a 400 dollar handle, and I never missed a day of work. But an honest mistake of returning one's check? Out the door you go, bub.

I don't know why they still have this stupid rule, because any employee of this company who's worked for more than a couple years will know, there are better, more efficient, more productive, more rewarding ways to steal from the company than returning a stupid ass check. In fact, word is one of the tills was short 600 bucks and no one is accountable. Money can be shorted, and nothing happens. But god, you return a check and you're gone.

I'm pissed at the company.

Anyway, our plan right now is that I'm applying for something full time again, even though I haven't completely caught up with weddings. It's more important I find something first because then she can find a job that goes around my hours, instead of me having to stick with some part time crap because my wife has another part time job with irregular hours.

Financially, we're doing okay for now. Thankfully we're not going to be kicked out because of rent, but at the same time, our bills will pile and wedding seasons' not exactly on fire right now. I spent the whole day applying for a couple editing jobs, hopefully I'll at least score an interview. In the meantime, we're boycotting the store because after 19 years of service, this company does not earn another dime off us because it does not recognize the true value of its employees.

your wife has worked at a company since before i was a teenager, infact since i was really little, almost a good chunk of my whole life and they bag her for something like that??? damn i would be pissed too.. stoopid freddies.. .id boycott them too but i dont think we gots freddies out here in japan
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