Friday, January 31, 2003

So how does my girlfriend feel about all this? She's afraid, much like me. Despite the fact that she's had two children doesn't prepare her for this new arrival. I'm worried about her overexerting herself, and she's being really good and commendable in keeping watch of her diet. Which means I should really drink Coke when she's not around.

She's reading up on a lot of things on the internet, which is kinda strange because she's avoided the internet like the plague a lot of times, but now it's coming up with mostly useful information, which is good. She's handling it pretty well, we're both getting used to the idea, but we still have absolutely no idea how to tell anyone in our family. We think of it as mostly positive, but man, people out there will make it their business, no matter what. I know I kinda did, when other people were pregnant. What the hell, that's karma for you.

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