Tuesday, February 11, 2003

GF told a handful of people yesterday, and the news is pretty widespread at work. A lot of people are happy, one of the employees is decidedly pyscho about it, because she's told my GF that since it's my first baby, I should be thrown a baby shower. Which is odd, because you don't throw baby showers for guys, as a general rule.

"Yes, I think the baby needs a... Playstation 2 for educational growth purposes."


"All you girls are so kind to throw me a baby shower... Slumber party!"

In which case would be a little scary for me. The said employee also wants to get me a baby book, and actually gave another employee a hard time because that employee did not tell her about the secret when it was... still a secret. So, yeah. Babies and people. Our assistant manager was quite happy about it, jaw dropped and said, "Wow" about 2 million times. From what my GF said, She was quite happy.

So far, we've told people that we count on positive support. My mom might not be so supportive, but that's also understandable, being how I'm her youngest, and Mom's just tend to put that burden onto their youngest child. So I heard. My brother will flip out, and eventually support me. It's odd how my brother and I grew up in pretty much the same environment, but we're so vastly different.

Our cat, Franklin was laying in bed being adorable last night and I mentioned that our baby would be that size, and my GF said, it would be much smaller than that. That's amazing. Then they grow to be like people size. And they sleep a lot in the beginning. And expel all kinds of goodness.