Friday, February 07, 2003

Well, two additional people at Freddy's know about the pregnancy now. GF told another pregnant employee because they both had the same ultrasound appointment, so it was inevitable one way or another. The other employee found out from an employee I told, which was okay. My GF and I pretty much figured out that secrets don't exist in a place like that, leaks do. People can literally be destroyed by rumors there.

Which brings me to another topic, relating to my employment at Freddy's. I don't think I can really attribute this to our being pregnant, since it's more about me being married to my GF. The corporate policy is that couples can work in the same department, right? Well, Connie told me that from her conversation with my boss, it wasn't because he's mad at us, he's more so shocked and at a loss as to what to do with me. Apparently, because we're a couple and GF's pretty much my supervisor in a strange distribution of power, it's a bad thing if we work in the same department. I dwelled on it some more, because that's just what I enjoy doing in my free time, and it could possibly mean that I won't be in Apparel anymore.

So thoughts of quitting have crossed my mind, but my bills are certainly something to be reckoned with. Turns out all that spending of loan money in college was not entirely guilt free. So anyway, GF told me the other day that I should go into videography full time, and I've been thinking about that more. Trouble is, it's not guaranteed, and furthermore, I'll need a lot of money to set up before I can go out and shoot weddings. And I simply don't know if this is the right town for it. I'll have to talk it over with my sweetie and see what she thinks.

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