Tuesday, February 04, 2003

So today was supposedly the big day for us, and although it did turn out rather anti-climatic, it was still a worthwhile day to mention.

Today we made our first baby-related appointment with a Dr. Miriam Sharpiro, who is now officially the baby's doctor. Turns out my Girlfriend's regular doctor doesn't do babies anymore, and honestly, I'm glad it's Sharpiro because she's actually an OB/GYN, and on top of that, she's just had a baby 7 months ago herself, which qualifies her as someone who is able to be a good doctor on the account that she's a mother and knows more about these things. I'm probably extremely old fashioned, but I don't know if guys make the best doctors for mommies to be. They're just not equipped to understand what women go through.

With that said, the appointment was a little lackluster. They confirmed that my Girlfriend was indeed pregnant, and that it wasn't some odd fluke, that 1% inaccuracy that forces people to panic. Then we asked some questions, she gave some answers that were actually pretty comforting, at least for me. Something about hearing it from a real live doctor as opposed to a website that said, yes, the risks of a complicated birth is there for an older woman, but damnit, Guy, most births turn out just fine so quit worrying.

We have an ultrasound scheduled for Feb. 17, and another weird test for the 24th. What was good today was that my GF got a prescription for prenatal vitamins, where were slightly bigger than engorged jellybeans. One per day and 10% of its goodness would be applied to the little one. So, we left without knowing much more extra, but nonetheless feeling like it was more in control. I'm glad at least I'm not carrying the child because all my worrying would probably not be the healthiest thing for a baby.

We told two more people today, our boss and I told Bonnie at work. Dunno, GF seems to have some kind of a system in telling, I'm just telling it to anyone and everyone. Bonnie was pretty positive, her being a grandma and liking babies and all that. She's actually the same age as my Mom, and hopefully will react about the same way. Doubtful, but I hope she's giddy like Bonnie about having a grandchild. Bob was simply very... indifferent. He mentioned that he might have to transfer me to another dept withing Apparel, because the store has this unspoken policy about couples working in the same department. I don't really see what the big deal is, really. It's not like we conceived the baby at work.

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