Wednesday, February 05, 2003

It was one of the very few times when JL’s (GF’s 14-year-old daughter) indifference toward important issues worked in our favor. Usually when we’re trying to have a TV drama moment with her, she either gets extremely quiet or needlessly irrelevant. For instance, there was a time when we were trying to have a heart to heart with her, telling her things like how my GF and I are someday going to be married and so forth, and that she shouldn’t let her father decide her life’s decisions for her... and we asked her: What can we do that will make your life happier. Her answer: Another cat.

And then I found out why TV dramas are so popular - their issues do get resolved. And they’re also somewhat on topic. Anyway, GF told her yesterday that she was pregnant, and her response was somewhat positive/indifferent. It seems as if we just told her we were having chicken for dinner. Her response was: “All my friends are going to Sehome. Can I go to Sehome?” Obviously, high school is much more important to her than, say, a new sibling. Which is fine, kids prioritize whatever’s important to them. GF was actually immensely glad because there was no drama behind it.

And then today, I found out partially what it was to be a dad. JL wakes up late, Mom’s already at work, and I had to drive her to school. Suddenly, I dwell on how kids are all about humankind learning to be less selfish and self-centered. For there will be a day whereby that will happen everyday with my own kid, whereby I have to wake up to make breakfast, and dress them correctly and send them off to school. All the important things in my life will become minute luxuries. Sleeping till 11am will no longer be okay.

GF told a few more people, namely her mother and her other sister. She’s actually afraid to tell her Dad. My Mom returns home from Japan on Sunday. By then I will no longer have any excuses why I didn’t tell her sooner. I think I’ll tell her after the 17th, so that it’ll be more concrete.

GF also told me that the tests on the 17th will actually reveal the sex of the baby, because of the procedures they’ll be doing. Normally they would find out on the fifth month, but because my GF is, lovingly put, more worldly, they have to do some tests by inserting a needle in her belly, and through those tests, they actually are able to determine the gender of the baby.

I’m trying hard to not favor one sex over the other, because it is pretty much out of my hands, but I think everyone around me knows what gender I favor. Not that it matters.

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