Tuesday, February 04, 2003

The pregnancy might have it's first negative repurcussion - our boss isn't talking to my GF either because he's uncomfortable with the burden of the secret, or he's upset that the Men's department might be in "jeopardy." Understandable, being how GF's will be on maternity leave, and then she's thinking of being part-time for a few more additional months to be with the baby, and that in additional to having to transfer me to another department will probably fluster him. Truth of the matter is, we're pretty strong as a workforce in Men's wear because we get a lot accomplished and we're both pretty good workers, and he's likely to lose us in some way or another.

Of course, with GF deciding that she might go part time for a while is a bit scary, which means that I might have to work more. I don't really know what that's going to do with my sanity. Hopefully the TV show will pay a bit more, or we'll just have to cut costs like mad people. That's what Dads have to worry about, the financial aspect of it. I think we'll be alright, we'll just have to make tremendous sacrifices. Which is scarier because most of the bills I pay now are absolutely not luxury, just loans for my business, my college education and so forth.

We talked about name changes with my GF, about whether or not she would take my last name or not. She thinks the only thing is that it would upset her younger daughter who just turned 14 because they would no longer have the same last name. I'm rather insistent that the baby will have my last name because right now my GF's last name is still her ex-husband's, and there's something twisted about naming my kid after her ex-husband's last name. Using her maiden would cause more problems, being how no one in the household would be named Webster.

Speaking of names, it is wayyy too early to be conjuring up names, but here are some possibilities that we've discussed. My mother at one time was doing a girl thing, writing down imaginary names on pieces of paper, much like the same way high school students do with their crushes. She had one name jotted down, "Stanford (or Stamford) and my last name". GF mentioned that could be the middle name or something, which I agreed because Stanford would no doubt be shorted to Stan, and I ain't down wit' that. I've always been partial to a couple of boy names, like Andrew, Andy, or Alex (hmm, all A's, didn't occur to me at all.) And girl names I've already used in one of my plays, but I think Zoe is a pretty nice name. Not so much after the Sesame Street puppet, but there was an actress in Singapore named Zoe Tay, and I was always enamored of her. Alright, enough of that.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

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